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The name of a sport/method of pest control which has not become legal due to "human right" howevcer we must ask ourselves if this affliction of normal society is actually human and not some kind of plague, or the damned returning from the pits of hell. The game entails the extermination of as many chavs as possible within one's lifetime. Any method of elimination is allowed within the confines of the game ranging from tactical nuclear strikes and shot gun kills at close range to bludgeoning to death with another chav.
Start a petition now with your local council, 'legalise chav hunting' push the point that they could be used to test new military weapons on and to replace animals in animal testing labs, they could even be burned as an alternative fuel source.
'wooooooo chav hunting'
'let the chav hunt begin'
'I, the prime minster of great britain, proclaim chav hunting legal'
'chav hunting, the new olympic sport'
by PopeG Vth November 18, 2004
1) A term used to define the actions of an individual who seems to be doing something profoundly retarded.
2) An exclamation usually said sarcastically used to display one's lack of enthusiasm for something.
1) 'ooooooo spactacular!'
2) 'wat a spactacular idea'
3) 'u no that's a bit spactacular?'
by PopeG Vth November 18, 2004
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