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To leave a person, place, or group of people suddenly and unexpectedly to hang out with someone else, somewhere else, or to go to another large gathering.
"I'm tired of her ditching us all the time for her boyfriend."
by Pope Chris XIX February 03, 2008
Having previously dated someone, and that someone claiming you did in fact not date. The time that you dated said person is known as "Anti-dating".
Boy: "Don't you remember our relationship?"
Girl: "We didn't date. You may think so, and everyone else may think so, but we didn't."
Boy: "So, we anti dated?"
by Pope Chris XIX November 25, 2007
Having sex via text message, similar to phone sex or cybering.
We're not allowed to talk on the phone, so we have text messex.
by Pope Chris XIX December 27, 2007

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