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noun - A socio-economic group characterized by high income and, or, net worth and sharing the common belief that they truly earned their grossly disproportionate wealth through hard work. Though easily identified by their lavish lifestyles they will vehemently deny their wealth. "I'm not rich" is their motto.

Currently, the vast majority are caucasian which accounts for the "white" descriptor in the phrase, but members of any race may meet the essential criteria for inclusion in this group. In the United States asians and indians are among the richest of "Rich White People" and represent a rapidly increasing percentage of the group.

Though not a violent group, their contempt for those outside of outside of their own group makes them a threat to anyone not sharing their status and beliefs. The only effective way

counter their threat is refrain to from buying from them, selling to them, or working for them.
"The amount that I have to reinvest in my business and feed my family is more like $600,000 ... and so by the time I feed my family, I have maybe $400,000 left over ..."
-- Congressman John Fleming (Rich White People)

"I never got a job from a poor person."
-- Sean Hannity (Rich White People)
by Poor White Boy September 16, 2012
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