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The unpleasant realization that, when assembling a purchased product, the painful discovery that the manufacturer has not included enough screws, bolts, nuts, etc. to complete the assembly. The word is derived from the character of Scrooge depicted in Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol". The word represents the frustration created by a manufacturer's miserly policy of not spending just a few extra cents to make sure enough parts were provided for proper assembly
Jack was assembling the bicycle he had bought for Johnny, but found out he was screwged when there weren't enough bolts supplied.
by Poor David December 05, 2011
the excuse that is used during a conference call when the sound of a flushing toilet is heard in the background.
(sound of toilet flushing)
Bob: "What was that?"
John: "Sorry, I had to take a call on line two"
by Poor David January 12, 2012
A towel, or other absorbent material, used to protect a bed, bench, chair, etc., from the residue moisture left over on one's posterior after a shower, bath, or swim. The towel acts much like a coaster that is used to protect furniture, except this time it's protecting the bed from your wet butt.
"Can't you please use a butt coaster" said Jean, after I got our bed wet by sitting directly on it after coming out of the shower.
by Poor David October 13, 2013
The inability to remember to plug a cell phone in to recharge occasionally, thus resulting in a battery-dead device.
Jean's IPhone never work's when she needs it. She cannot ever remember to plug it in overnight. She is definitely charger-challenged.
by Poor David October 13, 2013

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