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A fictional superhero originating from Ireland, but with American accent, out to save the world with his faithful accomplice (sometimes nemesis) Wee Wee, who often outsmarts him, and new additional long-lost sister Soux-soux Magee. All three characters look like this - :-> A peculiar face that looks slightly like a Japanese air hostess.
Wee Wee: "Poo-poo Magee, we must save the world!"
Poo-poo Magee: "Yuh-huh! What do you think Soux-soux?"
Soux-soux: "I think that's a fabulous idea, yuh-huh!"
by Poo-poo Magee June 02, 2006
Faithful accomplice and aide to Poo-poo Magee, the Irish-American superhero, often outsmarts her partner! Face resembles this :->
Poo-poo Magee: "Let's to this!"
Wee Wee: "Nuh-uh! Let's do THAT!"
Poo-poo Magee: "Tuché, Wee Wee, tuché..."
by Poo-poo Magee June 02, 2006
Can be used as a noun or a verb, meaning fart, derived from the English 'parp', commonly used in Ireland.
Eugh...smell your perp!

Did you just fucking perp AGAIN?
by Poo-poo Magee June 04, 2006
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