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An act of sexual masochism in which an individual achieves sexual gratification by being tied down and 'milled' by a group of 3 or more sexual sadists. Team mill jobs are illegal in 48 US states, due in large part to a rise in death rates from asphyxiation and rectal trauma. deaths,

A typical Team Mill Job begins when the subject is secured (usually to a table or workbench) and the 'Millwrights' simulate the act or process of grinding, cutting, pressing, or crushing in a mill, and ends when the 'Foreman' gives his sign of work completion. Usually by ejaculating onto or into the face of the subject, but varies depending on the foreman.

The price of Team Mill Job varies widely by location, economic climate and number of millwrights, but usually starts at around $500US.
Soliciting a Team mill job:

"Do you have a mill?"
"How big is your team?"
"How big is the job?"
"At least four or five man hours"
"I charge 250 bucks a man-hour"
"Is your work shop open?"
by Pondo Sinatra December 01, 2011

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