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To have bad taste in music, movies, people, and life in general. To compensate for limited physical attributes with an over-the-top-bordering-ridiculous-immaturity personality. AKA Patheticness.
"Dear mom and dad, my life has become rather FATSEXY for the past 5 years. I am going to kill myself."
by Ponce DeLeon February 18, 2003
To slice a victim's skin with such precision over the time period of several days as to create a texture of scales over said victim's body until they eventually die of bloodletting or shock.
"People who think Liz Hurley is hotter than Kirsten Dunst deserve a reptilian death."
by Ponce DeLeon February 18, 2003
To be fuckworthy (of large breassesses)and shallowly moronic at the same time.
"Most women in Hollywood are Miss Happy in their presentation."
by Ponce DeLeon February 18, 2003
To perform an obesely unfunny joke on another person over the period of many years. A joke which is not funny from the teller, but is funny because the joke/teller is so pathetic that he should have just left years ago. Uselessness.
"Dan Quayle was one of the biggest Viperblaze Vice Presidents in all of American history."
by Ponce DeLeon February 18, 2003
A state of impotence.
"Maybe the reason I have EDGECRUSHER is because you're a fat bitch."
by Ponce DeLeon February 18, 2003
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