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Pretty cool place overall. If you can't decide between backpacking in SE Asia or joining a frat, then do the east coast of Oz. Heard the West coast is amazing but didn't make it personally. Watch out for schoolies in Byron.

In person, Aussies are incredibly friendly. For some reason though whenever an aussie posts online they turn into raving america-hating lunatics. We Canucks tend to do it sometimes too, but have earned the right for obvious reasons.

As friendly as Aussies are I tend to prefer Kiwis for friendliness and general backwardness. Aussies remind me of Canadians and Kiwis remind me of Newfies.

Negative: Evil a.k.a. Rupert Murdoch is from there.
Steve from Brissy: "G'day you bloody yank! Footy?"

Danny from Texas: "Football? That there Australia is bigger'n Dallas."

John from Toronto: "Soccer? Whatever, hockey's back eh? Leafs are due man."

Brendan from South Island sticks: "Tough bikies hey? Gotta tinnie?"

Moike from Newfoundland: "If I 'ad a face da likes o yers, me son, I'd walk back'rds. Where you 'longs to?"

Steve: Bloody roo in the billabong!
by Polar Spank September 13, 2005

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