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2 definitions by Pluto is a Planet

something that is awesome, usually referring to self in a 100% non-conceited way; it is usually just talk

Class of '08 is the Shitz!

Person 1: Man tha car is sick
Person 2 (who owns the car): That's cuz I'm the shitz, fool.
by Pluto is a Planet April 20, 2009
a word that looks like pornofied from far away
dude 1: My car is so pomonified it's not even funny.
dude 2: what, like there's a bunch of victoria secret things and playboy magazines in there?
dude 1: wtf are you talking about?
dude 2: huh?
dude 1: ...?
dude 2: okayyyyyy... anyways...
by Pluto is a Planet April 21, 2009