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a cerent sound that is fuckin anoying when your watchin your favorite show late at night a car alarm goes off for like 46min
so I was watchin summerland and a car alarm went off and i wrote lyrics now everytime I hear one I stand on my bed and I like:
~~im a car
~~~gassoline makes me run
~~~~back seat trunk space
~~~~~hello lets go for a ride
~~~~~~oil is my blood
~~~~~~~seat belts, radio knobs.
said by one of the most famous funny people I have herd Dane Cook
#car #alarm #dane cook #funny #people
by Plays with squarrils July 18, 2006
when a fella or a lady fella gets hit on the head during a blow joba lady fella gets a wammy usually by a fella.
Dane told fellas to wammy their lady fellas on the head and it was a "great" experence
#wammey #wammy #experence #blow job #hands
by plays with squarrils July 15, 2006
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