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3 definitions by Platinum Romeo

It often times reffers to the butt-hole. Its shape and color resembles what you would expect to see in a star-fish covered in chocolate. This word originated back in 1847 by a scooba-diver. You could use this word in a work safe manner and it will not occure to anybody that you are being a total Ass Hole.
"Hey, Fredrick... Remember when you ran into my car last week? Yeah, well, after work tonight, I was thinking of maybe shoving a grown man's elbow in your chocolate Star-Fish©"
by Platinum Romeo November 15, 2006
Very Simple.

Its a healthy way to offer a girl a chance to give you head.
"Hi, oh wow. Your really in shape... How would you like to have a Protein Shake out of a Meat Straw©?"
by Platinum Romeo November 15, 2006
A Turd-Nugget can be related to a Chicken McNugget made out of raw Shit. Its texture is composed of both solid and a touch of mild texture keeping it in its structural shape. Its often times used to describe a friend or relative acting like a douche (See Douche for more details).
"Bro, last night, you were being a real turd-nugget"
by Platinum Romeo November 15, 2006