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A Cornballer is a corny harmless person unskilled in the art of conversation that talks excessively.
Cornballers tend to talk and talk about something no one cares about without allowing any one else to contribute to the conversation.
Cornballers monopolize social situations and usually tend to tell long stories about things you are completely un-interested in. They especially like to talk about themselves or things that have happened to other people you have never met.

Cornballers are usually co-workers, classmates, neighbors ect that do not have many friends.

If you are stuck listing to someone and you just wish they would shut up and leave you alone you have been cornballed.

If a Cornballer is spotted he or she is almost always avoided.
Any person that makes you wish you were not talking to them is a Cornballer.

Any person that’s talking to you that you just don’t have the heart to tell to shut up or walk away from is a Cornballer.

Rick Moranis’ character from the Movie Ghost Busters is a Cornballer. He always tries to cornball Sigourney Weaver's character whenever he sees her.
by Plate Lunch June 14, 2011
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