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The ugly cry is the kind of thing actors and actresses train for years to defeat. It involves your eyes getting puffy, red and bloodshot, your nose running off your face, your skin getting blotchy and red, and your facial features bunching up rather unattractively.
Girl 1: Oh God, who died?

Girl 2: What do you mean?

Girl 1: I just saw Evelyn in the bathroom, doing the ugly cry in the corner. I just figured...
by Pixie Toes January 26, 2010
A blurb of the words "emo" and "fantastic", having the following meanings:

-Being so emo as to cause physical pain to others. Ridiculously emo.

-Quintessentially emo. So emo as to bring the word "emo" to mind when observed.

-Sloppily emotional but still unnaturally cool.
Oh, quit being so emotastic already; you're making the plants wilt.

That band is so emotastic, they make me want to dye my hair and write bad suicide poetry.

It's amazing to me how she can pull off the ugly cry and still look awesome afterward. She's so emotastic.
by Pixie Toes January 26, 2010

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