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A better way to name call someone who is acting as if they are mentally disabled, i.e. to be used instead of the word retard.

From Robot Chicken's ET spoof, with the line:
"What the hell are you calling yourself ET for, you spaz? Your name's Kleeborp, Kleeborp The Retard, with only one glowing finger!"
Don't set fire to your own arse hair - what are you, some kind of Kleeborp?

by Pixie Dom July 30, 2008
1) A chaotic or mad turn of events or person/people.
2) A rubbish place, person or experience.

The term originates from Sheffield, England, and usage spread to Nottingham University in the early 1990's.
The 33 of us went totally bobbarr on that football trip to Prague in 1993.

Smiler lost his marbles, then...he was bobbarr.

It was like being in Bosnia after the Balkans war, all the buildings were rundown and in ruins, they were bobbarr!
by Pixie Dom September 30, 2007

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