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1 definition by Pixel Pirate

A term used by nerds and et cetera to really confuse people, but generally means something that the other party\s does not know, or cannot do, although in some cases just to get them to go look it up on the web and get insulted (if you're one reading this you got owned).

Also a term used by the "B:\" hacking gang as like "secret handshake".
1.Nerd: PAC have more then 40 IQ. *to jock*
Jock: What...
(Note: the jock usually responds with a "stock" insult IE: "your mum" "fuck you" "you are a idiot" and then slumps off to see his girlfriend, which incidentally have never seen each other in their lives, talked for 10 minutes and are now kissing and hugging)

B:\ Hacker: Pac.
Other hacker (not bdrive): Whaa?
Other B:\ Hacker: *nods discretely*
by Pixel Pirate August 28, 2008