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3 definitions by Pit Pat

Noun. Someone who has recently and unintentionally defecated on themselves, usually (although not exclusively) when under the influence of drugs.
Hey that last blunt and those shots really pushed Elijah over the edge! Is it true he shit himself?!

Oh yeah brah! That guy's a total chocolate pudding pants!

by Pit Pat September 21, 2007

1. A sheath, shield, or covering for the penis, probably made of cotton.

2. A derogatory slight to an annoying person, in the same vein as douchebag
1: I was gettin' some sun using this awesome new cock mitten! Check it! No tan lines!

2: That guy loves to hear himself talk...about nothing! Ugh. What a cock mitten.
by Pit Pat September 26, 2007
the act of reaming someone's ass with a spoon
Oh gawd! Terry gave Randy the hardest spoonnoggle of his life last night! His ass was tore the fuck up!
by Pit Pat August 31, 2007