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1. Lying, thieving pieces of shit that should not be allowed to litter the world wide web with their sorry, scamming asses; 2. Bernie Madoff and Enron's forgotten shell company; 3. A company that makes the government look honest; 4. A criminal organization that allows a scammer to steal $2000 from you after you sell an item and ship it to the scammer Ebay buyer who then after 30 days files a chargeback. Paypal then takes $2000 from your account while they "investigate" the chargeback. They then, after you send all the proof, declare that they agree with you but the f*cking credit card company has the final descision and won't insure your f*cking sale. They then call your home 4-6 times a day trying to steal the money from you. DON"T USE PAYPAL OR EBAY, THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU!!!!
Tha' thug just held up tha sto' and Paypal'd they asses fo' real! While he Paypal'd 'em, he apologized for the 'inconvenience' and pistol whipped 'em right up the azz.
by Pissed Off wit Ebay and Paypal March 31, 2012

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