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Is a place to be, situated in the classy eastern suburbs of melbourne. many people are jelous of people who live here as it is far better than most suburbs in melbourne. there are no bogans or muzzas in hawthorn unless they are visiting from the western suburbs where they commonly live. an example of these suburbs in williamston where you will find many the bogan.
guess what i just got a house in hawthorn east

wow thats sooooo much better than my suburb

yeh i know thats why i told you
by Pippins Magee December 02, 2007
1. Someone who is extremely rad. They may also have calves which are wider than their thighs.

2. Something which is extremely rad and often quite unique.
1. Dude! Look at Alana! She's such a radfish!

2. Person 1: Do you like my new top?
Person 2: WOAH! that's so radfish!
by Pippins Magee September 08, 2007

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