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1. The act of causing a disturbance while you & your mates are out on the town partying.
2. What the loudest bunch of jerks do in the bar, football match, classroom, office, party, subway, anywhere.
The crew went out last night & got real loaded on cheap drinks & started singing, dancing & rabble rousing till the kicked us out.

Let the Rabble Rousing began first take off your tops & then bring me more ale!
by Pinkerton Detective October 21, 2010
1. an insult to a person who really sucks & is a complete idiotic lame ass.
2. a person who is an waffles i.e. flip-flops about douching
1. Those fucking DoucheWaffles on the boat over there have been playing Nelly's "It's Getting Hot in Here" on repeat all day long, how fucking lame!

2. Come on its not that big a deal lots of people douche don't be such a DoucheWaffle!
by Pinkerton Detective October 21, 2010
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