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When you are sentenced to jail time, but you do not want to cause a disruption in your work life, so you take a vacation that conveniently overlaps with your jail sentence.
"How was your weekend Johnson?"
"Uhhh... let's just say I might need to take a jailcation sometime in the next few weeks."
by Pineapple Hider September 09, 2009
When you have to shit so much that you cannot physically shit all of it in one sitting, and need to take a break while the rest of the shit queues up in your intestines. The waiting period can be any amount of time between 20 minutes and a couple of hours, and usually the shit can be completed in two sections, though it may take three or more with epic shits.
"Just a sec guys, I gotta shit"
"Dammit Chris, what the hell is wrong with you? You just went to shit like 20 minutes ago!"
"Sorry boys, after all that shitty beer and T-bell last night I gotta take a sectional"
by Pineapple Hider September 09, 2009

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