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Loving the person despite their faults, wanting to remain with them for the rest of your life.

Being in love does NOT consist of
"Brittany~N~Chris! 4 months, 2 days! -- I'm in love with Chris, but I like someone else" (Real MSN name)

It also does not consist of dating someone for 10 minutes, then posting everywhere how you love that person, or how long you've been dating.

See infatuation
Sarah: Dana, guess what!
Dana: What?
Sarah: I totally just dropped Josh and went for Luke!
Dana: That's great, Sarah!
Sarah: Yeah, well I've gotta go.

| --- Sarah has went away at X time --- |
I love Luke with all my heart! he's my one and only!
ugh, I think I'm in love.
<3 10 minutes.
by Pinch Harmonics July 24, 2006

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