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3 definitions by Pinball Wiz

Common definition of an abirritate drug addict, especially a Junkie or a Cokey
Frankie was a very nice guy, social and polite, but since he tried some shot of cocaine, he slowly became like a mindless Zombie
by Pinball Wiz April 21, 2009
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The only way to forget everything
The whole world sucks but i don't care, because random male or female name, my Love, is always here with me
by Pinball Wiz March 18, 2009
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An ironic italian synonym for Vagina
Mario: I've reached America! (I had the first sexual intercourse with my new female partner)

Luigi: Good! How it was?

Mario: Plain (Shaved)
by Pinball Wiz January 01, 2009
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