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Incessantly British car manufacturer that seems to be inable to make a car that doesnt kick ass. Griffith, Cerbera, Chimeara, Tuscan, 450 SEAC, Tamora, T350 are the best ones. Can kick the shit out of any car that is not more than 3 times the price before modifications.
look at the beutiful shape and wondeful growl of my 4.2 litre Rover V8 as i blow by you down the A1
by Pimpin in Pink December 17, 2004
a real world pimp, not the pimps that go out sellin bitches and hos. ussually reffered to a guy in high school whos got skills and/or izm and gets all the girls. A lot of times single for fear that if he went out with sumone he'd be cheating on her within 15 minutes.
Man, that kid's such manwhore. Does he ever hang out with guys?

Naw man, hes just pimpin in da suburbs
by Pimpin in Pink November 26, 2004
A guy who would be blonde he was a girl. or a girl who is like a blonde ceptin fer her hair color. ussually only spoken arond friends
Nice... ur so stupid...
So are you!
Naw im just blonde at heart
by Pimpin in Pink November 26, 2004
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