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Noun. A name referring to a special person that cares for you, watches out for you, and loves you.

Verb. Present-progressive form of Squiggles- or Squid-Wiggles
lol you are my Squiggles
-what is that?
look it up on Urban Dictionary
by PimpDaddy LongNutz January 20, 2011
one of many brass musical instruments that were used by african americans during the roaring twenties in american history
the trumpet, the saxophone- these are two examples of Blackstruments
by PimpDaddy LongNutz December 09, 2010
A F.L.U.F.F. is a Fat Lady yoU Fuck Frequently
"Dude, shes is now your F.L.U.F.F."
-"What the hell"
"Your fat lady you fuck frequently"
-"Damn right"
by PimpDaddy LongNutz December 03, 2010
Bitch I Fuck Frequently
yo mama is my B.I.F.F.
by PimpDaddy LongNutz December 22, 2010

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