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someone that is really gay, but says they are bi so they are accepted by a larger population.
Dude you are totally biqueerious

no way man im definatley just bi im not gay
by pierone November 02, 2007
The word naked is traditionally used in rederence to the bare human body. It is also, in fact, commonly used as a sunstitute for the word cool. Also reasonable substitutions are: chill, nice, awesome, fun.
Oh man Randi, playing mini golf sounds totally naked

You and i are as naked as it gets.

I like that you are so naked all the time
by Pierone August 05, 2007
Of or pertaining to that which is a small, white, and or fluffy animal. female..(tends to purr more often than the male version.. see blu)
awwhh tat kitty id pearl id int she
by Pierone August 05, 2007
Of or pertaining to that which is a small, white and or fluffy animal, generally a cat. male
aww teh lee il ting es blu idint it
by Pierone August 05, 2007

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