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2 definitions by Pierce P Cassidy

n. a religion or an adherent to the belief in a spirit god as opposed to the Deists "clockmaker" god (made the world wound it up and is sitting back watching it unwind), the Theist god, a "human" god who watches and interfers when it feels like it. The Geists god is the spirit or force that organized the world and causes it to run.
I don't belive in God. So you're an atheist! Maybe some force, like magnetism, electricity, or gravity created the world and maybe is present ... Oh! So you're a Geist.
by Pierce P Cassidy September 02, 2006
n.a believer in a deity in human form with human prejudices that monitors ones' life events and aspirations and can influence the outcome of events in that persons life depending on the intensity of the relationship with the deity determined by the compliance with edicts of society and the priesthood. Adherents include both monotheists and polytheists, the "Trinity" was invented to bridge these differences.
My theistic god, when I was younger, was Santa then along came the Tooth Fairy, that Grampa told me about. I stole gramps dentures from the glass beside his bed and left him 32 quarters, it doesn't get any better than that.
by Pierce P Cassidy September 03, 2006