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1. To suddenly discover that one, under circumstances of excitement or happiness, that one has in fact ejaculated.

2. Goes the same for any type of substance which has been released into the underpants.

Mommy...I made happy in my pants again...
What have i told you about playing on the tyre swing?
1. Wow! A Butterfly!
It's enough to make happy in one's pants

2. You make one happy in one's pants!
by Pie Brother TB January 20, 2008
Typically it needs no explaining,

A blanket term for something that occurs that makes everything stop and stare at the new thing.

Incidentally It's a blindingly yellow shop that sells printer cartridges, encompassing such brilliant slogans as
It just makes one want to make happy in one's pants.
(argument stops)
-silent awe-

2. I wish for cartridge world, that would make all the tears go away...
by Pie Brother TB January 20, 2008

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