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The type of fart, when thrown sitting down, that rises upwards and is released on the side of your testicle and leg making a "fart" sound. The skin from the testicle claps with the skin of the leg.
"I tried to be secretive, but the nart was louder than expected"

"I narted while getting head, i tried to squeeze my cheeks shut but it was too late and i narted near her face instead of the bed. She felt the air of the nart."
by Physiks February 03, 2010
A Mexican Mourning is the painful feeling and diarrhea you have when you wake up the next morning from a Mexican Dinner. Its a cultural sfacklefest! (Sfackle - The art of projecting feces with the aid of a fart, a fart spackle).
I was totally having a wet dream when I was abruptly awoken by a Mexican Mourning!

One morning in Cancun, i drank tap water and in 5 minutes i had a Mexican Mourning knocking at my sphincter...

Lucky, one of the 2 GIRLS didnt have Mexican for dinner before playing with the cup...(Mexican mourning would have made that video anti-viral)
by Physiks February 24, 2010

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