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February 6th.
Chemistry geeks have Mole Day.
Math dorks have Pi Day.
What do Physics nerds have?
Magnetic Flux Quantum Day!
Even if you think Electricity and Magnetism is scary, Magnetic Flux Quantum Day (affectionately called MFQ Day) is a day to celebrate all Physics! From Black Holes to Mechanics, this is the day to put on your Physics shirts, grab your formula sheets, and just do some good ole fashion phun recreational Physics!
Have f=uN!
MFQ = 2.067833667(52)×10^(−15) Wb

Join the facebook event!
Magnetic Flux Quantum Day is a day for Physics Nerds.
by Physics Nerd January 30, 2009
Like Pi day, but using the fine structure constant 1/137 = 0.00729. So, the day is July 29th.
You: "Happy fine structure day"
Random Guy: "What the hell is that?!"
by physics nerd March 14, 2013
(interjection) a word to replace any indescribable feeling. "Grr", "Ugh", "Yay", "Wow", "Okay", and "Oh" all combined.
"I had such a good time! Grawrzee!"

"Grawrzee, today was a weird day."

"My favorite actor died?? Grawrzee..."
by Physics Nerd December 19, 2009

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