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A school in Sebastopol where all the teachers smoke pot and are definite hippies. It's a school where everyone sooner or later goes to Analy, unless you're stupid and go to Elmo over in Forestville. It's a school where there are no cheerleaders, but everyone wants the school mascot to be a seagull because they always bug everyone at lunch. It's a school where the band kids are cooler than the basketball team, and everyone wants to take woodshop because it's always called the best in the county. It's a school where everyone shows their school spirit, mainly because we always beat Hillcrest and Twin Hills. Most importantly, it's a school where everyone is accepted in the happiest town on earth.
Everyone says Brook Haven sucks, but hey, it's better than Twin Hills!
by PhoneThePizaGuy April 14, 2008

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