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1. A character in the popular comic "Jonny the Homocidal Maniac"
2. An exclamation expressing extreme joy and/or realization
3. An alternative to "yes" or "thank you"
1. Person A: I just got the new JTHM!
Person B: Aw, look at Squee!
Person A: I know! He's so cute!
2. Person A: Hey, look over there!
Person B: What is it?
Person A: Grandma's here!
Person B: Squee!
3. Person A: Hey, there's still some pie left. You want it?
Person B: Squee!
by Phoebe Buffay March 22, 2006
A tired, typically quiet person, especially one who has consumed large amounts of water
"He wouldn't say anything - just kept chugging water. He's such a moose."
by Phoebe Buffay March 22, 2006
1. Friend
2. Something exceedingly cool or interesting
1. "Hey, Squid, I'm coming to the party Friday."
2. "Man, look at that board! It's a total squid."
by Phoebe Buffay March 22, 2006
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