12 definitions by Philly K

The douchebags who invade Chicago on the weekend of Lollapalooza.
The train was crowded with Lollapalosers.
by Philly K August 04, 2007
Acting with a combination of precision and intensity. Often performing small tasks.
Jackson's about to get surgical on that gyro sandwich.
by Philly K January 26, 2008
an emotional state, when one wishes they were in the bone zone, but does not have a partner.
God, I wish we were in the bone zone, but instead I'm stuck in the alone zone!
by Philly K October 11, 2009
a level of relationship, at which two partners must be in contact on a regular basis. requires good-night phone call or text. partner is worried when they are out of contact for a day. This level of relationship is preceded by the bone zone.
Shit. We were in the bone zone, and it was awesome. But now she wants to be in the talkin' on the phone zone... Pretty sure I'm going to be back in the alone zone soon!
by Philly K October 11, 2009
a combination of bat wings and bats in the cave. meaning having a pair of sweaty balls in your nose.
Hey dude, want a tissue? You've got batwings in the cave!
by Philly K March 30, 2008
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