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A derogatory term to describe the new urban hipster who practices yoga, and can be seen wandering the city streets fourbucks latte in one hand, cellphone in the other, yogamat slung over their shoulder.
As I entered the coffee shop, two "yogabonds" with rolled yogamats slung over shoulder rudely pushed their way past me gibbering about chakras as they guzzled their lattes in a mad rush to get to the nearby Yoga studio and "relax".
by Philip Oulton August 22, 2006
1. To be overwhelmed by requests to visit and comment upon your many friends blogs.
2. To feel stupefied by consistently reading blogs. Or: To lose touch with reality through over induging in factoids, conspiracy theories and the generally uninformed opinion of blogs.
EG1: I felt bloggled after returning from my ten-year reunion...everyone I saw, told me of their new blog and asked me to not only visit their blogs, but everyone was expecting me to leave them a comment- I felt absolutely bloggled.
EG2: After a day's surfing sites on the illuminati, area 51, skull and bones, Yale and how George Bush really became our president, I felt totally bloggled- I had to go out for air, or read a proper newspaper.
by Philip Oulton March 12, 2006
A person who chooses to eat only foods that satisfy a specific ethical position. Examples include vegetarians, vegans, locavores.
Being an ethicurean, Bob had begun to cultivate his own organic garden to ensure a guaranteed supply of fresh organic vegetables for himself.
by Philip Oulton September 04, 2006
Any bisexual individual who is predominantly attracted to partners of a given sex over the other.
Clearly a preferosexual, Mike considered himself bisexual... but statistically his appetite tended towards a steady diet of young men, with a few chics sprinkled along the way "for variety" he said.
by Philip Oulton December 29, 2006
The marketing and packaging deception practiced by certain manufacturers to mislead consumers into believing their product is "green" or eco-friendly.
I noticed that my detergent package has been "greenitized" by their marketers...it now has a lush forest waterfall and green colored writing on it!
by Philip Oulton November 29, 2007
The attempt to undermine the happiness of another due to intense envy or jealousy. Adjective: scarpic
The more successful he became the more his rival's scarpia drove them to try and sully his reputation with character assination and malicious gossip.
by Philip Oulton September 03, 2006
Anyone who obsessively "Googles" their own name as a means to raise their self-esteem or boost their ego.
When John, a notorious egogoogler, needed a quick ego boost he would perform a google search of his name and carefully scrutinize the results with pride.
by Philip Oulton March 02, 2007
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