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the moment music died.
Me: jesus shit! none of these songs are good. they're all produced by record companies who focus on making the music videos flashy over the audio content.

Guy: that's not true! ...yes it is...
by Phil the Pill September 15, 2006
what some retards believe is real. the same people that believe in a liberal elite also believe in black helicopters, illuminati, the da vinci code, aliens, creationism and bigfoot.
Art Bell: tonight on coast to coast am, wel'll talk about the liberal elite. also, george washington, was he bigfoot reincarnated and did he plan for the american government to be a puppet for martians?
by Phil the Pill September 06, 2006
a very mediocre video game series. for reasons that defy logic, the creators won't make it a series of porn movies, even though sales figures suggest this would be the most efficient choice. the characters look like dolls and have the emotions to match and the story line is non-existent. people justify their purchase by saying "well the graphics are good, and the babes are hot".
Otaku: I love dead or alive! marry me kasumi!

Guy: loser
by Phil the Pill September 06, 2006
there are three groupings of simians; new world monkies, old world monkies and apes. a monkey is a simian that is not an ape. prosimians (lemurs, etc.) are not monkies either.

example species of monkies: spider monkey, macaques, baboons, marmosets, etc

example species of non-monkies: humans, chimpanzees, gibbon, lemur, gorilla, orangutang. etc.
monkey: thanks popular culture for making people think that chimpanzees (and other apes) are monkies.
by Phil the Pill September 07, 2006
a follower of atheism, a nontheism religion (lack of). atheists do not believe in God or gods. usually they are strong supporters of science, humanism, skepticism and do good deeds, but not out of fear like christians (hell).
jerry falwell: you're going to hell for being a nonbeliever
atheist: well you're going to hell for getting a rusty trombone from a prostitute
by Phil the Pill September 05, 2006
A gross liquid that supposedly makes your nails prettier. Used mainly by women but also by emo and goth men. It smells like car paint and i'm sure some weirdos sniff this stuff until they're high. Nail Polish is also known to make nails fungused by blocking light exposure under the nails. The only thing nastier than this stuff is press on nails.
secretly gay guy: that nail polish and those long fingernails makes her look hot.

straight man: you're a moron. every man knows natural, unpainted nails are true hotness.

secretly gay guy: damn. my cover's blown!
by Phil the Pill September 01, 2006
a radio program on all am radio stations (except air america radio stations whose audience is smart enough to not listen to that shit) at night. discusses pseudoscience, ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, UFOs, spirits, creationism and other bullshit.
Radio imaging voice: tonight, after rush limbaugh, sean hannity, micheal savage, matt drudge and bill o'reilly. true science discussion with coast to coast am!
by Phil the Pill September 07, 2006
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