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a video game for the playstation 2. developed by the vatican and published by namco. it is notorious for it's horribly slow gameplay and storyline. you play 2 hours worth of battles (had there been no battles, 3 minutes of game map) and watch extremely boring and long cutscenes about how if you don't believe in the christian god you are something called the gnosis, followed by extremely blatant references to religion.
it's a surprise the pope approved this game since all the angels are gay and everyone knows gay people are sinners
by Phil January 12, 2005
a band trying to recreate the spontaneity of a dead show. the songs are weak, jamming has it's moments,psychedelia cannot be force- fed. wow! they can play on trampolines. does nothing for my trip.
phish sucks
by phil January 25, 2004
a stupid site where otakus, goths and nerds (all idiots) go to talk about anime and anything from japan (because everyone knows EVERYTHING from japan is cool especially the yakuza and kamikaze pilots. when people don
t agree with them, they use "witty" comebacks that they think make them cool and the mods and admins delete good stories because of obscure rules that contradict many others.
"I went to fanfiction.net to look at some anime strories to masturbate to" -Otaku
by Phil March 28, 2004
a. to love to be around men
civilians actually control the military in the united states. so why doesn't the civilians end war by fighting?
by Phil January 27, 2005
Frinton is a small boring seaside town in essex that is stuck in a time warp, it is chav infested thop none of them are hard. when the streets arn't being partrolled by chavs they are being partrolled old ladies
I used to have the misfortune of living in Frinton!
instead of Im bored you say :im Frintoned
by Phil February 04, 2005

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