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John McCain's running mate for the 2008 US presidential election. She is also a far right republican against abortion and makes up for what John lacks.

Though she looks like a soccer mom with power she is a wilderness woman who lives in the little talked about state of Alaska where she was once mayor in her community and now governor.

She has the usual political family with a husband and kids. One kid going to Iraq, another pregnant and another with down syndrome.

She was mainly brought on for the women's vote since Hillary isn't part of the Democratic ballet. Also, she was brought in since McCain isn't conservative enough for some republicans and also in case he dies there will be a woman in the white house not doing a Monica Lewinsky but getting a Monica Lewinsky.
Sarah Palin is the Republican's VP choice and first women ever to be on a presidential ticket.

Its women vs. Race all over again...
by Phantom Writer September 01, 2008
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