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Derives from the japanese verb "bukkakeru" which can be translated with "to splash".

1. a japanese noodle soup. Bukkake Soup is one in which the liquid and vegetables have been "splashed" together quickly, implying a fresh, quickly prepared soup.

2. sexual fetish which took its origin around 1980 in the japanese porn industry. It usually involves one female being ejaculated on by several men (sometimes even up to several hundred) and thus may be counted towards public humiliation fetishes. The female is sometimes but not necessarily tied up in japanese bondage style. Also the female may be dressed up in various costumes (school girl or stewardess uniform, business dress etc.) which is part of playing a submissive role. Possible targets of the ejaculations may include the "victims" face, body, clothing, hair, feet and genitalia. Alternatively to soaking the female taking turns, the semen sometimes gets collected in a vessel and its content finally getting poured over the victim or otherwise distributed over the body. Additionally, "cum play" of some sort may be involved. This may include "snow balling", playing with the semen by hand, using the ejaculate as a substitute for tooth paste or shampoo, dressing in semen soaked clothing, consumption with food and/or liquids or by the aid of a funnel. Sexual intercourse, handjobs or blowjobs performed by the female may be involved before and during the process.
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by Phalphalak January 02, 2007

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