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Rune scape is a highly addictive game that I myself have played and takes place in Old World Europe. The player controls an avatar who gains money, raises skills, fights monsters and other players.
I began playing in 2004 at the begging of my cousin when I was 12. All I remember is that i saw that every one was better and or had better stuff than me, and this drove me crazy for a year I spent doing nothing other than raising skills I remember waking up at 4 am and going to bed at3 because I was playing this game. I got to lvl 70 combat with 3 mill in assets. Then I got hacked and every thing taken I was so depressed I quit at the beginning of my freshman year in high school. However Late my junior year I was bored during thanksgiving break and I played again allot had changed, but it was still addictive as ever all I wanted to do was have the best Armour possible so I could show it off and feel good about myself, Which I did. Then I tried for a skill cape and I got halfway there when I realized WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING! Im spending hours a day doing something I hide from my friends just so that other losers I don't know will praise me, So I stopped seriously playing. I still play sometimes but only if I am really bored and want to play a mini game or hunt someone down in pvp. I can honestly say once and for all I have kicked the addiction, and if you are like me I hope you can wake up and see what really matters and live your life not Jagex'es cause when your,e dead no one will remember your rune scape account.
by Phadodledo July 30, 2009

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