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4 definitions by PhD (Pretentious hipster Douchebag)

One whose snobbery is defined by opposition to perceived snobs, highbrow art, aesthetics in general or simply anything one does not like. Can be characterized either by reaction-formation favoring perceived lower-brow forms of art or quite separately by opposition to and persecution of anyone with any perceived aesthetic sensibilities whatsoever.
Anti-snob snob: Can you believe that guy likes Ingmar Bergman??? What a pretentious snob! You know he secretly hates it, nobody REALLY likes that stuff, he's just too much of a poseur to admit he just likes Brett Ratner like the rest of us.


Anti-snob snob: I don't like that uppity croissant and espresso bullshit, just give me a roll and strong coffee! (paraphrased from Mad Magazine's Simon & Simon parody)


Dad, stop pretending you don't like Thomas Pynchon and Fellini; Jesus, you've become such an anti-snob snob!
A film sub-genre in which the characters are picked off one by one, often by a masked killer or malignant force. Salient examples: Friday the 13th (Jason); Final Destination (Death); Sunshine (the Sun).

Coined by Tasha Robinson of the AV Club to describe Danny Boyle's film "Sunshine"(2007).
Originating quote, from the review of "Sunshine"(2007) -
In many ways, Sunshine is a been-there-done-that cast-attrition thriller: Alien with an exterior monster instead of an interior one, Event Horizon with better effects and less gore, Pitch Black with the contrast turned way up. The cast members make wry jokes about getting eliminated one at a time, horror-movie style, but they still follow all the horror-movie procedures, even duly splitting up in a dangerous, unknown situation. It's like they've gracefully accepted that they're just hitting a series of predestined, genre-mandated marks. - Tasha Robinson, Onion A.V. Club
When a screenplay, novel, invented plot induces vertigo with its many twists, role reversals and general mishegoss. Often employed by Guy Ritchie and other Tarantino imitators to distract from a lack of thematic depth.
So first it's his sister, then you find out they were lovers, then she kills him but he's not dead, then you find out they have a kid and weren't related, then he takes the kid, then...man I left, that bullshit was giving me scriptlash.
by PhD (Pretentious hipster Douchebag) September 11, 2007
One who cannot be trusted with secrets/emotions/keys, and who will betray trust flagrantly for explicitly no reason; an asshole flake; a symptom of societal nihilism and possibly the lack of accountability found in our government.
I always fall in love with these guys/girls that turn out to be dirtbags. One day they're telling me they love me, then I never hear from them again.