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The fatass bitch friend of a hot girl you are trying to hook up with who wont go home alone, so she wont let her friend fuck you. Called a lumberjack because they cut down wood by both cockblocking and being fat and ugly.
I am so pissed that her lumberjack friend talked her into leaving that party. What did she have to do, go home and inhale a cake?
by Petey Flyy April 02, 2007
What black people who are having gang sex with a girl say to encourage the act.
C'mon Twoin, clown on that pussy.
by Petey Flyy March 20, 2007
When a man fucks a girl on her period so his dick is covered in blood, another guy licks the blood off the top of his dick then proceeds to ejaculate over this spot. The male or female proceeds to nibble on the semen and blood covered penis.
I was going to go to church tonight, but instead I think I will just go home and eat a meat salad.
by Petey Flyy March 22, 2007

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