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2 definitions by Peter Townsend

Used to be either a italian mafia memember, irish mob member, or russian rob memeber. They used to have families that owned sperate sections of cities. They did not go around killing people for fun, and families would almost never get into fights. If there were ever a fight though, small warfare would literally fought in the streets until a peace treaty was made(which usually both sides would come to their senses soon). They had good reasons, and helped out their fellow nations people. They made money by running rackets, making people pay protection money, etc. They did this too help their people and help their families have a better lives. Now they have more secretive ways of doin buisness and mafia and mob members are rarely cought anymore.

Now the newer term for gangsta is : a lower class person who lives in or near a housing project in the "ghetto". They are mostly black and listen to rap and hip-hop and shit like that. They go around killing people for no reason or over drugs. They have totally fucked up what the mafia and mobs origionally did. They have horrible marksmenship. They preform drivebys on rival gangs and end up killing like 4 kids, 8 senoir citizens, 5 pregnant women and only 1 rival gang member.
The old gangstas had reasons for what they did.

The new gangstas are toally fucked up and kill people for no good reason. If they were to ever get into with either the Italians, Russians or Irish, they would all totally get owned and would die horrible deaths.
by Peter Townsend August 20, 2006
When the three lights on your X-box 360 all light up it signifies that your fucked. Your 360 is all fucked up.
Guy 1:I got the X-box 360 and when I put in a game I got the three lights of death.My X-box isnt under warranty anymore either.
Guy 2: That sucks. I guess you'll just have to pull another 400$ out of your ass to feed into the evil capitalist empire we call Microsoft.
Guy 1: Guess so...
by Peter Townsend September 06, 2006