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3 definitions by Peter Moody

the act of deliberating whether it is worth it to run to the store in the middle of the night to buy a condom. alcohol is usually involved.
She asked me if I wanted to sleep with her or on the couch, and I said "I'm condomplating."
by Peter Moody October 16, 2006
too much crap; couldn't breathe

said when the bullshit posted on message boards becomes intolerable
After the lengthy pair of exchanges between the two morons, I didn't need to say much just simply tmc;cb.
by Peter Moody May 16, 2006
agnostic + aetheist, if you're an ignorant redneck republican
I mocked their use of the English language, so they called me an aetheostic.
by Peter Moody February 12, 2006