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2 definitions by Peter Gibbons

Another attempt to fuck me out of a job/career/life. Mainly geared toward the african american population but minorities other than african can count, and so can women. They get "treated" different because of race/gender, while the "white" person is discriminated against these days, also an attempt to help end "racism" but its just fueling fire to racism.
Hehe (don't do it)...hehe this nigga (lordblazer) can't spell. FUCK AFFIRMATIVE ACTION <^>'_'<^>
by Peter Gibbons April 30, 2005
Compensation for a menial job where you receive just enough to make it to the next pay day.

What a farmer gives his plow horse so he will have just enough energy to work until his next feeding.
Jeff took pride in his job at wendy's until he realized that no matter how hard he worked it was all the same oat bag at the end of the day.
by Peter Gibbons October 02, 2003