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3 definitions by Peter Bonvoisin

Nerd Herd, a group of nerds following a single nerd leader, a group that often makes star wars funnis or such films
wow check out that Nerd Herd

dey have a geek with them, dey is no real Nerd Herd
by Peter Bonvoisin November 22, 2007
33 27
a group of nerds, often with a powerfull and or in
sheesh, another nerd herd game

where do they get their ideas, i mean table selotape

i know, it is a rele fun game thou
by Peter Bonvoisin November 23, 2007
7 17
A group of nerds, the creators of Nerd Herd Film. This group is lead by the magnificent Harry May.
Geek: Wow
Dweeb: Yeh im lvl 70 on it
Geek: no i mean wow the Nerd Herd's new film 'attack of the nerds' is rele gd
Dweeb: oh, did i tell u im level 70 ...
Geek: look! its the Nerd Herd
Dweeb: with a sign saying here till thursday
by Peter Bonvoisin November 22, 2007
4 16