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A derivation of greasy characterized by a disgustingly overwhelming amount of moxie towards even the most ordinary facets of life. Usually with an affinity for unorthodox hobbies including, but not limited to sword collecting, ant farm building, magic card trading, and beanie baby making. Hard to describe, yet easy to recognize, the gretchum kid will be the one who everyone wonders how he's still in public school. "What is that kid's deal?" or "What the hell is he doing?" are common question when eyeing a gretchum kid.
"Someone go tell that gretchum kid to stop eating the all the cheetos. He reeks like a past date jar of velvetta cheese thats been in a kiln filled with dead animal carcacuses for around 3 days."

"Bob Saget"
by Peter And Nate April 16, 2007
An adjective used to describe a person who is; smelly, slippery, disgusting, talks weird, has a clear backpack, doesn't wash their hair, eats lots of mexican food or an event that is along the same lines.
"That kid is so greasy its not even funny, tell him to go take a shower in pit of moist towelets."

"Oh man that party was so greasy I thought I was gunna drown in all the bacon fat!"
by Peter And Nate April 16, 2007

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