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Act of appearing on internet forums and boards with malicious intent. Trolling includes...

-batting people to flame at you
-putting the forum down and encouraging people to leave.
-using several identities on a board to support your own arguments / stage pretend arguments
-generally being a dick on a power trip.
Some trolls claim they actions benefit others. These trolls are also twats
did you see the way that guy was trolling?
yep, he got banned.
i just filled in another account. you guys are dicks. why did you ban me? im gonna spam the place up for that!!
by pete s June 09, 2006
Please do not feed the troll.

Warning placed on web forums to alert people the previous poster is trolling. It advices that the post is ignored so the troll will lose interest and bugger off. Sometimes it works.

i think all you guys are dumb
by pete s June 09, 2006

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