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An inconsiderate fucktard who upon attaining the leftmost lane on an interstate will not get out of the lane to let faster traffic pass by. Such an individual typically believes that since they are doing the speed limit or slightly over, no one else should be able to go faster since they would be breaking the law.
Bill was driving like an eighty year old woman in the left lane. He had thirty cars waiting to get by, but he would not get over because he was a Left Lane Bandit.
#left #lane #bandit #fucktard #penis
by Pete Crapia April 25, 2006
Terrorist Anxiety Disorder - noun

A mental disorder where one lives in perpetual fear of a terrorist attack regardless of location, as if a terrorist will make a bold new statement by attacking a midwestern suburban middle-class house. A person affected with this disorder will commonly hoard massive amounts of bottled water and non-perishable food in their basement in the event of such an attack. These are people who live in continual fear of attacks and still refuse to fly in a plane (thus allowing the terrorists achieve their goal - fear), but can often be found following anyone with a middle-eastern appearance around the grocery store to make sure they are not up to no good.
Will and Sharen suffer from T.A.D. and wouldn't go to the local mall because they believed it was a prime target for terrorism.
#terrorist #anxiety #disorder #mental #plane
by Pete Crapia April 24, 2006
Male GI club located in European countries where prostitution is legal. In multi-level brothels, the classiest, most expensive ho's are located on the first floor. The quality and price of the prostitutes decrease on each progressive floor, with the 5th floor containing the cheapest and stankest ho's.
Hans and Russell went to Frankfurt once a month and found the cheapest Ho's possible to maintain their membership in the Fifth Floor Club.
#fifth #floor #club #ho #brothel
by Pete Crapia September 15, 2006
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