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A fat guy who doesn't have a life, and can't call pest control to get rid of a hedgehog. He spends billions of dollars to build robots in effort to destroy said hedgehog, but only sends them out one at a time. They commonly have:
Conviniantly placed slot machines,
And easily ripped through armor.

He likes to kidnap little roadkill kissing girls for his own amusement, *coughElisecough* but then gives them back out of boredom or pity. He also likes to kidnap roadkill to lure hedgehogs into his lair, even though hedgehogs hate said roadkill but come in anyway.
Not a genuis even though he says he is.
For a 300 IQ guy, Eggman sure doesn't know how to dial pest control.
by Pest Control October 29, 2007
What Eggman can't call.
Eggman can't dial pest control
by Pest control February 01, 2008

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