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the chair in your bedroom that your gear likes to sit on (it has been fully adopted as the place to put the gear you don't know where else to put because you are lazy and stuff). the gear chair keeps the rest of your room clean.

you probably have never sat on your gear chair. this is partially because the gear chair is often completely covered in gear for extended periods of time and people (especially the person who lives there) tend to not even notice it (not as a seat anyways)(even after it is cleaned off)and partially because it is a gear chair - not a seat.
-the gear chair is most likely where you throw clothes you wore but did not get dirty

-the gear chair kicks it

-the gear chair gets its kick it on
by Persy Puffington the 1st July 19, 2010
a twisting competition: roll a bunch of Ls while your homies roll a bunch of Ls as well. or should i say, try to roll them as well. some go for size, some for shear speed - all for aesthetics. twist offs either end with each person claiming they won for different reasons or simply by everyone smoking all the Ls and talking about how deece they all for said reasons. It would take a superior twister to earn mutual agreement if people were trying to judge.
nugpuffer1: 'twist off?'
nugpuffer2: 'so you think you know how to twist do ya?'


nugpuffer1: 'man hurry up and finish im tryin to spark this shit'
nugpuffer2: 'man look at that weak ass shit - what is there like a g in there?'
by Persy Puffington the 1st July 19, 2010
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