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A girl who plays Habbo Hotel and acts like a slut to get pixel sex,sex for computer using virgins with no life.They don't dress slutty that much,but a good few of them do.
I've seen this

Girl:"Hey there sexy.Got a girlfriend?"


Girl:"Wanna fuck?"

Boy:"Fuck no.You're not even close to being my type"

Girl:"You're missing out"

Me:"No,vice versa hun.You're just gonna move on to the next one"

Girl:"Whatever.You're just jealous of me"

Me:"Me?Jealous of YOU?You're mistaken hun.I have a life and if I didn't,I'd act like it.You don't even try"


Me:"That's attractive AND mature"

*Girl walks up to another guy*

Girl:"Hey sexy.Got a girlfriend?"

Typical habbo whore.
by PersonYouWon'tKnow January 05, 2012

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